Wakie, Wakie – DIY Wake Up Light

For a couple of weeks I was noticing the regular phone alarm wasn’t doing it for me anymore during winter. Luckily Philips has these Wake Up lights which wake you up in a way that feels a bit more natural. Still, if you still have some things like Arduino’s and LED strips laying around there’s no reason not to try make one yourself. So I finished this one last week.


Loads of tape help preserve the low-tech nature of this project











Now I was very happy to have digital timer laying around as these happen to be the most expensive. What I like about using the digital timer is that it makes it quite low tech. Unless you’re having a power outage there’s no smartphone or network failure you have to worry about. So essentially how it works is as follows:

The moment the digital timer switches on the sketch on the Arduino will start running. The sketch slowly increases the brightness and changes the color from red to yellow to blue over 30 minutes (Using Adafruit’s NeoPixel library). It will then stay at maximum brightness for another 30 minutes in order to allow me to get up (I normally get up within the first 15 minutes after it reaches peak brightness). After these 60 minutes the Arduino powers off the leds and 5 minutes later the digital timer also turns off.


Papers diffuses the light so I’m not blinded first thing in the morning











And I have to say, especially during these winter months, this artificial sunrise is a nice addition and certainly helps me get going in the morning.



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